Clocks with no hands?
The 3 dials move to show the time.
The hours dial, the minutes dial, and the seconds dial rotate, and are read from the top, showing the time.
The two clocks to the right show the time as:
10:16 and 1:20 , respectively.

Great Gifts for Christmas or Birthdays.

3 Dial Tower

Multi-color Faces

Gifts for her

Single or Multi-colored Bases

Custom Made Clocks
with hands, or with no hands.
A football shaped base with "Roll Tide" or "War Eagles" lettering.
A golf bag base (with clubs extending from the top) for your golfer friends.
Or a heart shaped base for your sweetie
The two clocks to the left show the time as:
and 12:00 , respectively


1. Select a base, or design your own.
The bases shown
(with the exception of the
3d custom clocks .com clock)
are $50.00
2. Choose the face color(s).
3. Choose your fonts.

4. Will you have lettering? *
5. Contact Shane
Click here to eMail

* Lettering is an additional cost.
Letters are individually made, painted, and attached to your clock design.

Choose your letters color(s).

The clock to the left shows the time as:

9 Different Colors for Faces

6 3-Dial Fonts